Absentee Voting Information

For information about absentee voting please contact the Blount County Circuit Clerk's office at 205-625-4153. Below is the link to print an absentee application.

All applications must be sent in individual envelopes(even if it is husband and wife) or hand delivered to the Circuit Clerk's office by the person requesting a ballot. Also, you must include a copy of your form of identification with your application. You may vote in person at the Circuit Clerk's office located on the second floor of the Blount County Courthouse or you may mail your application along with a copy of your ID to BLOUNT COUNTY ABSENTEE ELECTION MANAGER 220 SECOND AVE. EAST ROOM 208 ONEONTA, AL 35121. Please remember that only the voter can hand deliver their own ballot to the Absentee Election Manager or it must come through the U.S. Mail or a commercial carrier.

Absentee Ballot Application